A Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review – Elegant Stylish Chairs at an Affordable Price

After I left my last Herman Miller Sayl Chair review online, I realized I was so impressed with the one I ordered for the office that I should purchase another one for my home. I work typical hours at the office, but often I bring work home at the end of the day and work on it in my home office. I had noticed that I was not feeling any discomfort when I sat at my desk at work, but my old chair at home was causing me problems.

I thought it wise to treat my back while working at my desk at home with the same respect I was providing it at work. I logged online to the Herman Miller Company website to see what styles, colors and fabrics were available.

Innovative Chair Designs Reduce TensionHerman Miller Sayl adjustable

The chair I had ordered for my office was the Herman Miller Setu, an innovative chair with the kinematic spine that naturally bends and flexes every time I move. It works great for me because it has elastomeric fabric that not only gives me support within its suspension, but it also forms to the contours of my back. Though I love that chair at my office, my house is more of a contemporary chic fashion, and I needed something that would fit the design of my home office. However, I was not willing to compromise on the quality and functionality I desired in an ergonomic chair, so I ordered a Herman Miller to be sure.

A Creative Y Tower Suspension Support System

Looking at the Herman Miller Company’s official website, I found the Sayl Chair. It has an amazing contemporary design that is stunning to the eyes. Its mesh back and sleek style makes it appear like a sail on a boat. It has a “Y Tower” curved back support that never comes in direct contact with my body while I am sitting in it. Because the main support is on top and bottom of the backing, it allows tremendous flexibility without putting any pressure or tension on my back. Its creative style and contemporary design fit perfectly with my home office furniture.

Actual Herman Miller Sayl Chair Reviews:

“Very comfortable, nice support for the back and the seat cushion is of very good quality.” – R. York, Amazon.com

“As stated in other Herman Miller Sayl Chair reviews, my new chair is very comfortable. I love it.” – Murray S., Amazon.com

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Chic Styling at Affordable Prices

The elegant styling and innovative ergonomic design of a Herman Miller chair comes at a very affordable price. Typically, chairs of this caliber can cost hundreds of dollars more. Their chairs are offered in both an open mesh design and an upholstered back version, each of which is aesthetically pleasing. Both are contemporary and classic designs, along with multiple color choices that fit perfectly within many different styles.

Matching Side Chairs Complete the Look

I was so impressed with the style and comfort of the Sayl Chair that I purchased two matching side chairs, in the same color. I had ordered the side chairs in studio white, which matched my glass desk perfectly. Both of the side chairs complement the room and provide an enjoyable seating experience to those who come to visit.

My Second Personal Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review

Now that I have purchased two different styles of Herman Miller chairs, I feel I have a qualified opinion on the quality of their ergonomic products. In my personal Herman Miller Sayl Chair review, I can positively say the Sayl Chair is stylish, exquisitely designed and extremely comfortable. Like my previous purchase, I made a wise choice and ordered it directly from the company’s official website to have it delivered to my residence. I highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for an ergonomic chair that both looks nice and is a delight to sit in.  The fact that Herman Miller’s 12-year warranty that covers all parts (castors, pneumatic cylinders, etc) being included is an added plus.

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